Love Signs From The Beloved

diaryEvery married couple families crave a happy and harmonious despite the problems in the household do not doubt its existence. But there is good communication between husband and wife can minimize and even negate the impact of the issue. Both the originator of the problem of husband, wife or from outside, insyaallaah problem can be resolved with openness to one another.

Not intended to discredit a spouse or partner manifest shortcomings, but the openness it intends to seek a solution. If anyone believes silence is better karenatakutakan hurt or embarrass the couple when he was being open so it’s good he sees other considerations. If indeed the problem can be overcome with silence, then no problem not to be communicated. However, if the communication would be more positive impact, then communicate that being open can be done in a subtle way without the impression menjelekan or hurt. Try to start talking with gentle words. Can be directly with the oral and written. If our spouse is no error then it can be reminded and can even make change for the better.

As the article below, which presents a diary of a devoted husband to his beloved wife. Certainly the text was made because his love is manifested in the form of attention in the form of subtle warning to his wife. The goal adalahmenginginkan wife better not to lose money in the world and the next.

It is known that when a husband loves his wife, he will try to prove it by giving something as a sign of love. Sign of love will not only manifest in the form of gifts in the form of jewelry or luxury goods only, but also realized one of them in the form of attention to him, both concern about her health, her condition until the depraved. And a sign of love in the form of attention is what a huge impact in harmony in the household. Why? because he was so special, can not be purchased in stores anywhere, and searchable at any online exchanges, even though the person is very rich. Then blessed the woman who received such attention. Happy as the wife who has got the text below from the beloved.

Hopefully from this diary and direnungi can be learned, especially for women in order to increase the charitable field in the ship sailed home.


My darling wife, I am writing this note as evidence keridhaanku my love for you and accept you as a wife, I tether my love for you. In my heart says, this is a woman who could become the mother of my children and fits into my wife. This mawaddah and sakinah, this is my home raihanah. I guided your hand along the ocean with the ark of households, leading to a peaceful beach on the side of Ar Rahman Ar Rabb.

However, a sudden storm came in the way we, the wind blowing hard. If we both did not immediately realize surely we will lose control of the ark, and we’ll get lost direction. I said to myself, no! I’m not going to let this ship sink. So I hold my pen and I open my paper sheets. Then I write this subtle warning from a lover to lover.

* My wife loved ones do not you remember early in our marriage before you is the epitome of beauty, then I do not understand why you look to the point so badly, untidy and not a pretty sight. Did you forget that one of the properties shalihah woman when her husband looked at him will undoubtedly make happy.
* My dear, do not you remember, many times you bring up your services to me, mention the obligations of households which have you done for me, the services have you given to my guests and in serving my needs, if you forget the word of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’alla

يا أيها الذين آمنوا لا تبطلوا صدقاتكم بالمن والأذى

“O ye who believe, do not eliminate (the reward) alms to mention it and hurt (feelings of the recipient).” (Surat al-Baqara: 264)
* Do not you remember, O my beloved, how many times have we promised each other in times of marriage that we would go hand in hand in obedience, carry propagation to the religion of Allah, vowed that we would focus on the problem of Islamic Ummah and educate our children with education Islamic, but we are busy relitanya follow the development of fashion, lost to follow stories, stories, trinkets and treasures from anywhere pursue its source.
* My dear, do you not remember many times you sputter, not qana’ah (satisfied) received a fortune that God has given us. Should I undergo an unlawful effort to realize your wish? Have you already forgotten the story of a woman who said to her husband: “Bertaqwalah you to God in our treats, we could really hungry but we will not endure the heat of the fire of hell.”
* Remember you how often I wake from my sleep at the end of the night, it turns out I found you were watching movies and music. Would not be better if you dhikr remembrance of Allah and pray two rak night while people were sleeping soundly in the darkness tomb. Or at least you immediately go to sleep so that tomorrow does not escape the dawn prayer.
* My dear, you remember when you came out of the house without permission to visit family and friends when you enter the fulanah into my house when I was forbid you put it in the house! You forgotten that it is my right!
* My love, you remember when my family came to visit me, so are my friends, but I see you show the face of grim, heavy foot steps and surly! Indeed you have to serve them food that tastes delicious and inviting but all it’s pointless because masammu face it! Would not you know a proverb: ‘Meet me but do not give me food! ”

My dear, I always tell you with all my heart that I love you.

I hope we can together win the pleasure of Ar-rahman.

Perhaps I’m also doing a lot of mistakes and ignore your rights. And maybe I did not realize my lack of duty towards you and in keeping your feelings.

I beg you to reply to this monograph, please express what is conceived in the mind. Is not the purpose both of us are one. We have one boat ride and our aim is also one. Our goal is always together in the world and the hereafter in Jannah ‘And. Do you let the wind storm hit us so that makes us stray path.


Diary above should be wacanabagi the wanitaagar more attention to the rights of her husband, a sometimes overlooked but is not recognized by most women. Be thankful if the husband nrimo (undemanding) but should the wife is understanding rather than at will even overlook the rights of the husband. Sajikanlah rights desk of the best household to enjoy it tasted good in, and blessed it. And Allaah knows best



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