Law of “Oral Sex”

sexWhat is the law of oral sex?


Mufti of Saudi Arabia, South Ash-Shaykh al-`Allamah Ahmad ibn Yahya An-Najmi hafizhohullah replied as follows,

“As for sucking wife against her husband’s genitals (oral sex), then this is haram, is not allowed. Because he (pubic husband) can be dispersed. If you disperse the water will come out of it that he madzy unclean according to the agreement (scholars’). If (water madzy it) into the mouth and into his stomach then probably will cause disease to her.

And Shaykh Ibn Baz has berfatwa about illegitimate rahimahullah it-as I hear directly from him-. “

And in the book The `il Nisa’iyyah Mukhtarah Min Al-` Allamah al-Albany works Umm Hasan Ayyub Nurah bintu Ghawi things. 197 (cet. Majalisul Huda Jaza’ir ¬ AI), and mujaddid Muhadits this time, ash-Shaykh al-`Allamah Muhammad Al-Albany Nashiruddin rahimahullah were as follows:

“Is it permissible to fondle a woman’s pubic shaft (penis) her husband with her mouth, and a man otherwise?”

He replied:

“This is the act of some animals, like dogs. And we have a common base that in many hadith, Al-Rasul banned for tasyabbuh (like) animals, such as the ban on his descent (prostration) like a drop in camels, and looked like

tolehan wolves and peck like a crow pecks. And it has been understood also that the Prophet sallallaahu `alahi wa sallam has been banned for tasyabbuh with the disbelievers, it is taken also from the meaning of the ban ban tasyabbuh with the animals-as-amplifier that has past, let alone an animal that has been dlketahui evil temperament. Then it should be a Muslim and circumstances such as these high-feeling to resemble animals. ”

And one of the great scholars of Medina, ash-Shaykh al-`Allamah` Ubayd ibn ‘Abdillah bin Sulaiman Al-Jabiry hafizhahullah in a recording, he was asked as follows,

“What’s oral sex law ‘?” He replied:

“It is haram, because it is included tasyabbuh with animals. But many among the Muslims who are affected by matters that low again odd according to Shari’ah, reason and nature like this. This is because he spends his time to attend a series of pornographic films through video or television is broken. A Muslim man is obliged to honor his wife and he do not relate to him except in accordance with the commandments of God. If he is in touch with him aside from the place that God halalkan him then classified as transgressors and immoral to Allah and His Messenger sallallaahu ‘alahi wa sallam. ”

Quoted from offline from the magazine An-Nashihah Volume 10 1427H Author: Shaykh al-`Allamah Ahmad ibn Yahya An-Najmi hafizhohullah Title: Oral Sex Laws


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