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Allah SWT the only one god.

What Is Islam?

Why is this question important? Because our perception of Islam will dictate how we practice Islam. There are berbendapat Islam is built upon five cases, based on the hadith below:

“Islam is founded on five cases that bear witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establish regular Prayer, issued alms, pilgrimage to the House, and fasting in the month of Ramadan”. (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

People who understand Islam are the five cases, he will practice in accordance with his understanding. He will only do the creed, prayer, Zakat, Hajj and fasting Ramadan. He’ll feel pretty when it was the practice of these five cases, and did not see the rest anymore. Many Muslims today are trapped in the understanding of Islam like this. There is even a famous spiritual training with tickets millions of dollars that makes the idea of ​​Islam as the main principles of the five cases they were. Read the rest of this entry



hajar aswadWhen Prophet Ibrahim with his son to build the Temple many shortcomings experienced. At first there was no sanctuary and the entrance tube. Prophet Ibrahim with the Prophet Ismail bertungkus kumus to menjayakan built it to haul stone from the mountain range.
In a story mentioned when coaching the Temple was finished, the Prophet Abraham was still feeling the lack of a more rocks to be placed on the Kaaba.
The Prophet said: The Prophet Ibrahim Ismail said, “Get thee to find a stone that I would put it as a marker for human beings.”
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God is All-forgiving

At the time of Moses there is a wicked who likes to do evil. Residents of the country no longer able to prevent his actions, then they pray to God. So God had revealed to Prophet Musa to expel him from the country so that people are not overwritten disaster. Then get out the youth of kampunganya and until disuatu a large region, which is not a bird or a human being in there.

After a few days the young man fell ill. Merintihlah he keseorangan, then said: “O my Lord, even if it my mother, my father and my wife at my side of course they will cry to see the time will separate me with their (dead). If my children are on the side they would say: “O Allah, forgive our fathers who have been doing a lot of crime so that he was expelled from his village to the terrain which are uninhabited and out of the world to the hereafter in a state of despair of everything but mercy Thee O God. ” Read the rest of this entry

Angels in Islam

The concept of angels in Islam is probably very different from anything you’ve ever heard before. Western society has idealized to the point where angels most people think they are naked children with arrows and blonde locks. This concept is actually derived from Greek and Roman pagan beliefs in the false god Cupid. But the angels in Islam occupy a very high and sacred.

You should first discuss the concept of angels in Islam. Popular mythology suggests that there are angels who disobeyed and rebelled against Allah (God). For Muslims, this idea is madness. Angels in Islam do not have a choice of how humans. In Islam, the angels were not created with a will and then do not disobey Allah. They do what God tells them to do. Read the rest of this entry

Names 10 The angel of Allah

Names 10 The angel of God

Here is the name of angels in the Quran nor in the Hadiths of the Prophet by the number of ten angels we need to know the name and job title or tigas them. The number of angels is actually not countless. Angels created by Allah from light materials or nur created only to worship God without having passions like human beings and the demons that cursed. Read the rest of this entry

Allah’s power to create and being a proof of the final home

Allah’s power to create and being a proof of the final home

Allah’s power to create and being a proof of the final home

Allah says,

[قل هو الذى أنشأكم]
(To say that He is the One who created you,) meaning, your creation has begun, after you were not even a thing worth mentioning (ie nothing). Then he says:
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Allah has said?

Allah has said?
Follow Allah with his heart and deed.
I’m sure we all have observed the irony of seeing a person who is learned in the Quran and the religion, go about their daily activities in complete opposition to what is written in the Koran. They create problems for themselves that we would expect people to do less knowledge, not a person educated in religion or scripture. You would think that he knew nothing good from evil. Read the rest of this entry

Use the power of Allah to all your problems

Use the power of Allah to all your problems

With the name of Allah, the Merciful Benefactor, Merciful Savior

How many times have you browsed the Holy Quran is one and I saw something very significant to the preservation of human life that he had never seen before? This scripture called the Koran a book is a comprehensive guide to human beings, wherever they are on the planet. Read the rest of this entry

Wonders of Allah SWT

Allah Wonders

There once was a man who was an enemy of Islam. He had three famous questions that no one could answer. No Islamic scholar in Baghdad could answer his three questions … so he made fun of Islam in public. He constantly ridiculed Islam and Muslims. Read the rest of this entry

Allah Descriptions

Descriptions of Allah

The Qur’an, however, attributes to Allah (subhanahu wa Ta’ala) certain descriptions, such as:

The Most Gracious is firmly established on the throne. (20:5)

Everything will perish except His Face. (28:88)

What is worn under my eye. (20:29)

The hand of Allah is above their hands. (48:10) Read the rest of this entry