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Love Signs From The Beloved

diaryEvery married couple families crave a happy and harmonious despite the problems in the household do not doubt its existence. But there is good communication between husband and wife can minimize and even negate the impact of the issue. Both the originator of the problem of husband, wife or from outside, insyaallaah problem can be resolved with openness to one another.

Not intended to discredit a spouse or partner manifest shortcomings, but the openness it intends to seek a solution. If anyone believes silence is better karenatakutakan hurt or embarrass the couple when he was being open so it’s good he sees other considerations. If indeed the problem can be overcome with silence, then no problem not to be communicated. However, if the Read the rest of this entry


Privileges And the virtue of the Qur’an

Privileges And the virtue of the Qur’an

Qur’an is our holy Islam that is spoken by God to Prophet Muhammad as the Messenger has the privilege of sharing / priority compared with other scriptures as follows below: Read the rest of this entry

Digest Bible Torah

Digest Bible Torah

Holy book of the law is holy book sent down by Allah Almighty to Prophet Musa while it is on the hill thursina bermunajat Sinai desert. Torah based on the language of Hebrew has the sense or meaning of the definition of law, or Shari’a law.
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The content of the Al-Qur’an

The content of the Qur’an

Al-Quran is the sacred book of Islam to all Muslims around the world from the beginning down to the final of the human species in the world both on earth and in space as a result of the apocalypse.
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Scripture of Allah SWT

Scripture of Allah SWT

In the religion of Islam known as the four books that we must believe and we believe in it. Number of scripture is not really explained in the Qur’an and the Hadith. Apart from the book of God revealed through the Prophet through the angel Gabriel, we can also be guided by the hadith the Prophet SAW and sahifah Muhammah-sahifah / suhuf / sheets word of Allah revealed to the prophets Adam, Abraham and Moses. Read the rest of this entry