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Law of “Anal Sex”

sexWhat is the legal wife went to the anus (back) or come to him in a state of menstruation or childbirth?


It should not be intercourse with his wife in the anus or in a state of menstruation and childbirth. Even so it includes the major sins according to the word of Allah (meaning):

“They ask you about menstruation. Say “menstruation is dirt.” So shun yourself from a woman when menstruation. And do you approach them before they are holy. If they are holy, then Go to the place which they enjoined. Truly Allah loves those who repent and to love those who purify themselves. Wives you are (like) fields (where farming) for you. So you bagaimanasaja Go to the fields you want. “(Al-Baqarah 222-223) Read the rest of this entry