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Angels in Islam

The concept of angels in Islam is probably very different from anything you’ve ever heard before. Western society has idealized to the point where angels most people think they are naked children with arrows and blonde locks. This concept is actually derived from Greek and Roman pagan beliefs in the false god Cupid. But the angels in Islam occupy a very high and sacred.

You should first discuss the concept of angels in Islam. Popular mythology suggests that there are angels who disobeyed and rebelled against Allah (God). For Muslims, this idea is madness. Angels in Islam do not have a choice of how humans. In Islam, the angels were not created with a will and then do not disobey Allah. They do what God tells them to do. Read the rest of this entry


Names 10 The angel of Allah

Names 10 The angel of God

Here is the name of angels in the Quran nor in the Hadiths of the Prophet by the number of ten angels we need to know the name and job title or tigas them. The number of angels is actually not countless. Angels created by Allah from light materials or nur created only to worship God without having passions like human beings and the demons that cursed. Read the rest of this entry