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How about the Hajj and Procedures

hajiFrom Abdullah ibn Abbas that the Prophet sallallaahu radhiallahu anhuma alaihi wasallam met a group of riders (the middle pilgrimage) and then he asked:
من القوم? قالوا: المسلمون, فقالوا: من أنت? قال: رسول الله. فرفعت إليه امرأة صبيا فقالت: ألهذا حج? قال: نعم ولك أجر
“Who are you?” They said, “Muslims.” They asked, “Who are you?” He replied, “Allah’s Apostle.” Then there was a woman raising a child then asked, “Is this child teranggap Hajj?” He replied “He and reward you.” (Narrated by Muslim, no. 1336) Read the rest of this entry


Definition of Hajj, Hajj Legal Terms, Pillars of Hajj

A. Meaning Definition / Definition of Hajj
Hajj is a worship that must be performed by those Muslims who are able or authorized to implement both economic, physical, psychological, safety, licensing and so forth. Hajj is a worship that fall into the pillars of islam five pillars of Islam to that performed at least once in a lifetime.
B. Legal Terms Hajj
1. religion Islam
2. Adult / baligh (not mumayyis) Read the rest of this entry

Pillar of Islam

First Pillar of Islam: Two Sentences Syahadah

This is the pillar of Islam is first and foremost is the proclamation that there is no God who has the right to be worshiped but Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and the testimony that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Without this pillar, there is no Islamic buildings of one’s self. Similarly, if the pillar is destroyed, it will be Islamic buildings were destroyed all of one’s self. Therefore a Muslim should pay attention and always keep this one in the whole time and life. Read the rest of this entry