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Repentance Nasuha

taubat nasuhaMan is not free from mistakes, big or small, consciously or accidentally. Moreover, if the passions dominate his soul. He will be the butt doing disobedience. Obedience, as no meaningful value.

Although dogged by human disobedience and sin accumulate, does not mean there was no door to improve. Since, however mounting immoral deeds of a servant, but the door of mercy is always open. Humans are given the opportunity to improve themselves. That is, with repent of their deeds that can be delivered into the abyss of hell. Repentance must be conducted in total, which is known as repentance nashuha. Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said:

كل بني آدم خطاء و خير الخطائين التوبون. رواه الترمذي Read the rest of this entry