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Greetins On Eid

idul fitriWhat law mengucapakan Happy Eid? How does the law shook hands and hugged each other after prayers ied?

Thank God, There is a history that comes from the friends radhiyallahu’anhum that they congratulated each other on the feast day with a greeting, تقبل الله منا ومنكم “Taqabbalallahu minkum minna wa” (May Allah accept (deeds) from us and from you all).

From Jubayr bin Nufair, he said, “Formerly the Companions of the Prophet SAW shalallahu’alaihi say ‘wa minna Taqabbalallahu minkum’ when seeing each other on the day of Eid.” Al-Hafidz (Ibn Hajar) saying about this history, “Sanadnya hasan.”
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Law Of Respecting Flag

Shaykh Abdul-Muhsin ibn Nasir Alu Ubaikan (one of the clerics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) said,

Among the contemporary issues that need to be explored with a careful understanding of the problems that arose in this period associated with respect for the country and its systems as well as respect for state symbols. That’s the flag salute issue.

What is meant by respect for the flag here is to stand in honor of the flag. Some people have talked about the legal problem without judging by looking at the root of the problem and the proper juristic analysis. As a result, they passed a law that is inconsistent with the reality on the ground and not in accordance with the intent or purpose of those who give respect for the flag. Read the rest of this entry

Faith And Shalih Charity With Truth

Sheikh Abdur-Rahman Bin Nasir As Sa’di

The ingredients of the most majestic is the principal means and the basis for a happy life is tergapainya believe and do good deeds. Allah Almighty says (which means): “Whoever is doing good deeds [1] both men and women, while he had faith, verily to him will We are blessed indeed a good life and We will give you reward them with a better reward of what they do. “(An Nahl: 97)

To those who combine faith and good deeds, Allah Ta’ala told and promised a better life in the world and the best reward in this world and the hereafter. Read the rest of this entry

Straight Your Shaf in Prayer !

Position and Importance of Prayer

The main pillars of Islam after the testimony of two sentences creed is to pray. Even prayer is the first practice will be judged on the Day of Resurrection. If both prayers, will undoubtedly good also all other deeds but vice versa if the prayer is corrupted / bad, will undoubtedly also damaged other deeds. Read the rest of this entry

Shaf Sholat(prayer) : Straight and Closely

shaf shalatMessenger Sholallahu ‘Alaihi wasalam said (which means):
“Straighten your rows, rows, because the straightening rows including the perfection of prayer”
(Hadith Bukhari history, in Fathul Bari No. 723)

Messenger Sholallahu ‘Alaihi wasalam said (which means):
“It’s true you straighten your rows-row
or God will make a quarrel among the faces you ”
(Hadith history Bukhari 717, Muslim 127, Lafadz is from Muslim) Read the rest of this entry



Among the many forms of worship in Islam, prayer is the first time in its obligations set by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, Prophet received the command from God about prayer on the eve of Ascension (journey to heaven) without any intermediary.

Anas said: “The prayers are obliged to the Prophet as much as 50 raka’at at night when he was on the way(isra’-Ascension), then reduced to stay 5 raka’at then there is a call: O Muhammad this is not like my hope for you yet the 5 raka’at was equivalent to 50 raka’at. ”
(Issued by Imam Ahmad, At-Tirmidhi and An-Nasa’i).

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Praying is mandatory ‘aini for anyone who already mukallaf (burdened obligation shari’a), baligh (adult / with traits have been dreaming), and’ Aqil (sensible).

Allah says:

“And they are not governed except that they only serve / worship God our other features, willing to obey Him in the (running) religion with Hanif (straight), so that they establish prayer and pay the obligatory charity, so that’s the right religion”. (Surat Al-Bayyinah: 5).

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Prayer comes from the Arabic

As-Sholah (الصلاة)

Definition (ta’rif / understanding):

Prayer in languages ​​(etymology) means Ruling

While the term / sharia ‘ah (Terminology), prayer is the words and deeds of certain / special that opened / started with the Takbir (takbiratul ihram) ended / closed with a greeting. Read the rest of this entry