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Keeping The House From Satan Disorders


The house is a shelter for us, a place to rest and a place to get warm in the middle of our family. Therefore, we crave a comfortable home, safe, peaceful and quiet. Some people may walk in ways haram (shirk) to get it, such as installing tamimah (talismans), went to shamans, and others.

Messenger shallallahu’alaihi wa sallam gave a recipe that is easy to keep our homes safe from interference satan, namely in the following hadith:
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What Will The Dajjal Do?

What Will The Dajjal Do?

As mentioned earlier, the false Messiah will be the greatest test of humanity has ever faced. But his confusion is even more worrying for Muslims. Why? Because unlike many others, Muslims recognize its falsity and will work against him. Read the rest of this entry