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hajar aswadWhen Prophet Ibrahim with his son to build the Temple many shortcomings experienced. At first there was no sanctuary and the entrance tube. Prophet Ibrahim with the Prophet Ismail bertungkus kumus to menjayakan built it to haul stone from the mountain range.
In a story mentioned when coaching the Temple was finished, the Prophet Abraham was still feeling the lack of a more rocks to be placed on the Kaaba.
The Prophet said: The Prophet Ibrahim Ismail said, “Get thee to find a stone that I would put it as a marker for human beings.”
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The Story Of A Glass Of Milk

That afternoon was hot once, Shane stopped and take shelter in a tree. Merchandise has not sold any at all, he feels very hungry when dikantongnya there’s only five hundred dollars. His parents are poor can not afford school Shandy but his determination to learn is so high that every day he is willing to trace the path, and out of the housing complex to sell and the proceeds to finance the school.
Feeling very hungry Shane finally decides to knock on the door of a house and intend to ask for food tuk just jammed his stomach, but soon lost his nerve when a lovely girl has opened the door. Shandy did not dare ask for food, a little stutter he said, “May I have water to drink.” Read the rest of this entry

Hate Become Love

Friends with anyone is something that is encouraging. Many pearls of wisdom scattered wherever it emerged from the simple people. One chicken satay sellers. Initially known the holy month of Ramadan a few years ago. Madurese people are nice and friendly. That’s what makes merchandise satenya became crowded.

One day he recalled that during a certain month of Ramadan as the month he could be overwhelmed buyers. Until he invites his relatives helped him come to sell, including his own father. He says, on one evening of many buyers in line. Father and brothers while he was busy serving the home to take a rice cake and chicken satay at home.
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Prophet and the Jewish Blind Beggar

In the corner market Madinah Al-Munawarah a Jewish beggar blind day after day when someone approached him he always said: “O my brother do not go near Muhammad, he was a madman, he is a liar, he’s a witch, if you approach it you will be influenced” . Every morning the Prophet came to him with food, and without saying a word of the Prophet Muhammad had brought the food to feed the beggar beggar even though it is always advised not to approach the people named Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad SAW to do until before he died. After the Prophet kewafatan no more people who bring food every morning to the blind Jewish beggar. Read the rest of this entry

The Story Of The Prophet Muhammad With A Bedouin

AT a time when Prophet Muhammad was tawaf in the Temple, the king heard someone in front of him bertawaf while zikr, “Ya Karim! Ya Karim! ”

Zikirnya imitate the Prophet Muhammad “Yes Karim! Ya Karim! ”

The man stopped at one corner of the Kaaba and called again “Yes Karim! Ya Karim! “The Prophet who was behind it called again” Yes Karim! Ya Karim! ”

People’s taste in perolok mocking himself, then looked back and saw a man who is very handsome and dashing that have not been in the saw. Read the rest of this entry

Story of Men and Four Him Wife

There was a man rich merchant who had 4 wives. The whole wife he loved so much, but the 4th was the one who pampered him with wealth and pleasure. His wife was indeed the fairest of the three other wives.

These merchants also loved the 3rd wife. He was very proud of his wife and always try to introduce this beautiful woman to all her friends. But he also always khawaatir, in case his wife later ran off with another man.

So is the wife of the 2nd. The merchants love it because of his wife was a patient and understanding. When he got into trouble, he always asked for consideration of the second wife of his, who always helped and accompanied her husband through the toughest times. Read the rest of this entry

The Story Of An Old Woman And His Love Of The Apostle

There was a story of an Old Lady who never stopped hoping the arrival Intercessory Prophet. The old woman from the village not only reveals the apostle of love in its sincerity. He also shows humility, self-abasement, and limitations of the charity before God Almighty. Moreover, he also has a sense of spiritual sublime: He can not rely on charity. He relies heavily on the grace of God. And who else would be a natural addition to grace all of the Messenger of Allah?

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Doing 40 Years of Sin

In a history explained, that at the time of Moses, the Israelites had overwritten the long dry season, and they gathered to the Prophet Musa and said:
“O Kalamullah, please pray for us unto thy Lord that He may deign to rain for us!” Then Moses stood with his people and together they headed for the terrain. In an opinion saying that their numbers at that time there were approximately seventy thousand people.
Once they get to the destination, then Moses began to pray. Among the contents it is his prayer: “Lord, wash us with rain You, Sow to us Your grace and mercy on us, especially for small children who are nursing, farm animals that require grass and old people who had a hunchback. As we saw at the moment, the sky is very bright and the sun getting hotter. Read the rest of this entry

Lailatul Qadar

lailatul qodarWhat a noble and Laylat al-Qadr is so special about it, as the mercy and blessings of Allah Almighty for the whole ummah of Muhammad. So none of us would not like to be able to reach. And reasonable thing, if the fall of Laylat al-Qadr night and even then obtaining questionable, almost always cause disagreements.

When Laylat al-Qadr?
Laylat al-Qadr is a great evening among so many nights in the holy month of Ramadan. No mention is when will it happen tonight. There are at least three virtues described in the verse. Read the rest of this entry

We Are Currently Still Be King

We Are Currently Still Be King

There is a very safe country, its people prosperous and tranquil. This is because the country was ruled by a just and wise king. The king is always attentive and concerned with the welfare of its people.
One night the King around the country want to see first hand the condition of his people. Accompanied by several ministers and aides. The King secretly go around the country. In a house of the King heard the moans of a young man who starved. Read the rest of this entry