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Why Jews Many Clever ..???

Without intending to dramatize the people of Israel or Jews, I want to share the information I get from reading the translation of H. Maaruf Bin Hj Abdul Kadir (Malaysian nationals professors) from the University UMass USA on research conducted by Leon Carr DR.Stephen. Leon DR research is about developing quality of life for the people of Israel or Jews.
Why The Jews, on average, smarter? Studies conducted to get the facts as follows
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Eternal Hostility Muslims and Jews Laknatulloh

“Jews and Christians will not be pleased with you until you follow their religion. Say:” Surely Allah’s guidance instructions (correct) “. And the fact if you follow their desires after the knowledge came to you, then God is no longer the protector and helper for you. “(Al-Baqoroh: 120)

‘You find people who are most violent hostility against the believers are the Jews and the polytheists. And thou find the closest friendship with those who believe are those who say: ” Verily, We are Christians “. so it was because of them (the Christians) there are priests and monks, (also) because the fact they do not menymbongkan themselves.” (Al-maedah: 82) Read the rest of this entry

Jewish hostility (yahudi) against Islam in History

Jewish hostility against Islam in History

Jewish hostility toward Islam are well known and in existence since time immemorial. Began preaching Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam and perhaps earlier even before his birth. This they did for fear of proselytizing influence of Islam which will destroy their dreams and plans. But today a lot of effort to create an opinion that Jewish and Islamic hostility is merely a battle over land and borders of Palestine and the surrounding region, rather than issues of religion and the dark history of hostility rooted in them towards this noble religion. Read the rest of this entry