About Allah SWT

Allah is the Creator of all things. He is the One who designed and manages the whole of creation. He knows all things that exist, all that has happened, everything that happens, and everything that will happen. He is the Merciful, the kindest, the source of all peace and at the same time, He is the Just and the wisest.

In His mercy, He turned to this corner of creation and as his guide. Since the beginning of time, God has sent prophets and messengers to the ground who have continued the call to Islam, which means submission to the Creator. His guidance and mercy has shown humanity the ways in which humans live as exalted, to bear the attributes of the greatest aspects of civilization. It potentially puts the animal, sad collection of desires and weaknesses, the human being – in a reliable, pious, brave, smart and spiritual individual, who faces life head on and aligns his life totally to the way of Allah, way of peace.

There is no other power in this universe, but Allah. This is the key factor in Islam. This is the key to the spiritual identity of Muslims, their means of addressing the difficulties and pain face. No person, no government, no embassy, ​​no stone statue, no amount of positive thinking or amulets can change what Allah has ordained to be. Yet, He gives us the means to access your guidance and protection. This is through prayer, supplication (Du’a). Calling on Allah, the Muslim is able to overcome the fear, difficulty, pain, pain or any calamity faces. Discomfort is aimed at ease, facing failure is success. The heart becomes large and the mind finds peace as shaking hands to keep the only one who can help, guide and protect.

The key to the success of the Muslims lies in their obedience to their Lord and their trust in him. He is the Knower of the unseen, and His promise is always true. He promised help to those who trust in Him and obey Him from places we never could have imagined.





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Man who always pray to Allah SWT

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